The Effect of Advertising on Attitude Accessibility, Attitude Confidence, and the Attitude-Behavior Relationship.

Article OPEN
Berger, Ida E ; Mitchell, Andrew A (1989)
  • Journal: Journal of Consumer Research, volume 16, issue 3 December, pages 269-79
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1086/209213

The influence of advertising repetition on several non-evaluative dimensions of attitudes and the strength of the relationship between attitudes and behavior are examined. The results indicate that attitudes formed on the basis of repeated ad exposure are similar to those formed on the basis of direct experience in that they are more accessible from memory, held with more confidence, and are more predictive of subsequent behavior than are attitudes based on a single ad exposure. The results are consistent with the propositions that attitude accessibility and attitude confidence moderate the attitude-behavior relationship. Copyright 1989 by the University of Chicago.
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