Security Issues in E-Business Platforms

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Defta Costinela – Luminita ; Iacob Nicoleta - Magdalena (2011)
  • Journal: Knowledge Horizons - Economics, volume 3, issue 3-4 September-December, pages 94-98
  • Subject: e-business, security, network, B2B, denial of service, phishing, spoofing

E-business consists mostly in the implementation of the business processes by using the information technology and internet services. Since all business processes must be connected to the internet and available for users, the choice of the information solutions on which e-business is built is crucial for the security. Now more than ever, businesses need to be concerned about the security of their networks. In this paper we will highlight the security threats related to the e-business platforms and also we will describe some common security measures that could be taken for preventing them.
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