Discrimination Against Women in Turkey: A Review of the Theoretical and Empirical Literature

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Serap PALAZ (2002)
  • Publisher: Ege University
  • Journal: Ege Academic Review, volume 2, issue 1, pages 104-117 (issn: 1303-099X, eissn: 1303-099X)
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    • jel: jel:M54
    mesheuropmc: health care economics and organizations

Labour market discrimination can be defined as occurring when one group of workers with abilities, education, training, and experience equal to another group of workers are provided inferior treatment in hiring, occupational access, promotion or wage rates on the basis of some personal characteristic, such as gender or race, which is unrelated to productivity. In the light of this definition, the purpose of this study is to analyse gender discrimination in the Turkish labour market. Studies of gender discrimination in the labour market have been very popular during the last three decades, but most of the research on labour market discrimination has been confined to developed countries such as the UK, the USA, and Austria etc. In this paper we analyse the existing theoretical and empirical literature of gender discrimination and evaluate their relevance in a developing country such as Turkey where traditional and cultural beliefs and norm are still prevalent.
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