Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Labour Market

Preprint OPEN
Nick Drydakis (2007)
  • Subject: Field Experiment, Sexual Preference, Hiring Discrimination, Wage Discrimination
    • jel: jel:C93 | jel:J7 | jel:J16 | jel:J31 | jel:J

This research examines the possible discrimination faced by gay men compared to heterosexuals when applying for jobs in the Greek private sector. This issue was addressed through the observation of employer hiring decisions. Mailing pairs of curriculum vitae, distinguished only by the sexual orientation of the applicants, led to the observation that gay men faced a significantly lower chance of receiving an invitation for an interview. However, in cases where employers called applicants back, the wages offered did not differ significantly between gay and heterosexual applicants. Nevertheless, there is substantial evidence to suggest that discrimination based on sexual orientation does exist in the Greek labour market, and at alarmingly high levels.
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