Management of Multi-projects In a Process oriented Organization

Preprint OPEN
Macheridis, Nikos ; Nilsson, Carl-Henrik (2006)
  • Subject: Multiproject; Processes; Managing Projects; Project Office; Systems Approach.

When projects are used as an organisational platform to conduct business, a project can be the only project in the organisation or one amongst several others. The latter case is called multi-project organisation. Usually an organization with a multi-project environment has a base organisation, which can be functional, matrix structure or another. The purpose of this article is to develop a model based on a process oriented organization as a complement to functional or matrix organizational structures. The article is written from a management point of view. Management of Multi-projects in a process-oriented organisation is analysed from a strategic point of view as well as from an operational point of view. Theoretical conclusions as well as practical recommendations are presented.
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