Individual vs. Collective Behavior: An Experimental. Investigation of Risk and Time Preferences in Couples

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L'Haridon , Olivier; Abdellaoui , Mohammed; Paraschiv , Corina;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Group Decisions | couples; group decisions; risk; uncertainty; prospect theory; utility; decision weights; time preferences; discounting; gender | Time Preferences | Gender | Discounting | Utility | Couples | Uncertainty | Prospect Theory | Decision Weights | Gender. | Risk | [ SHS.ECO.ECO ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Economies and finances/

Cahier de recherche du Groupe HEC Paris, n° 944; This paper study decision-making under risk and decision-making over time made by couples. We performed a joint experimental elicitation of risk and time preferences both for couples and for their individual members. We u... View more
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    Women vs. Men t(63) -1.93 -2.22 -2.20 -2.27 -1.53ns

    Women vs. Couples t(63) -0.45ns -1.09ns -1.66ns -1.86 -2.00

    Women vs. Men t(63) 1.11ns 0.69ns -0.06ns 0.05ns -0.84ns

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