Self-Reported Consumption of Fast-Food Meals by University Students

Article OPEN
McLean-Meyinsse, Patricia E. ; Taylor, Shervia S. ; Gager, Janet V. (2015)
  • Subject: Food Consumption/Nutrition/Food Safety,

Students’ consumption of fast-food meals depends on perceptions of health status, label use, knowledge about sugars, household income levels, age, and marital status. Consumption is independent of weight status, knowledge of total fat and sodium, gender, household size, academic classification, and areas of residence. Perceptions of weight status statistically significantly differ from body mass indices. U.S. overweight and obesity rates have been steadily increasing in the 18 to 29 age group, and this group often includes university students. Thus, universities can play an active role in helping students to learn about the potential dangers of unhealthy diets and to develop better eating habits
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