Making Grasslands Sustainable in Mongolia: Herders' Livelihoods and Climate Change

Preprint OPEN
Asian Development Bank (ADB) (2014)
  • Subject: Mongolia, climate change, mitigation, adaptation, greenhouse gas, GHG, carbon dioxide, methane, National Action Program on Climate Change, National Livestock Program, herders livelihoods, development, pasture rotation, pasture management livestock management, nationally appropriate mitigation action; NAMA, carbon finance ,carbon market

The threats posed by climate change have significant impacts on Mongolia’s grassland ecosystems and herders’ livelihoods. This publication discusses the auses of climate change and its impacts on livelihoods and ecosystems for herders and the general public. It explains how good pasture management and livestock roductivity are important for increasing incomes and provides information on adaptation practices. It also identifies sustainable management practices that can increase communities’ resilience to climate change, improve environmental quality, and increase local revenue.
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