Globalization, social exclusion and work : with special reference to informal employment and gender

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Carr, Marilyn; Chen, Martha;
  • Subject: competitiveness, working conditions, social exclusion, globalization, development policy, developing countries, informal economy, small scale industry, multinational enterprise, export processing zone, women workers, compétitivité, conditions de travail, exclusion sociale, mondialisation, politique de développement, pays en développement, économie informelle, petite industrie, entreprise multinationale, zone franche d'exportation, travailleuses, competitividad, condiciones de trabajo, exclusión social, globalización, política de desarrollo, países en desarrollo, economía informal, pequeña industria, empresa multinacional, zona franca de exportación, trabajadoras

Looks at three different patterns that limit competitiveness: a) questionable working conditions in export processing zones or within global value chains that are driven by a foreign or multinational enterprise; b) exclusion of self-employed from the internal governance... View more
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