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Sanja Coric ; Danijel Bara (2014)
  • Journal: Interdisciplinary Management Research, volume 10, pages 866-887
  • Subject: business process, business process management, business process operationalization, insurance
    • jel: jel:G22

Selling insurance products in conditions of today’s modern technological solutions is faced with numerous challenges. Business processes in insurance as well as the results of these business processes are the real interface to policyholders. Modeling and analysis of business process in insurance ensure organizations to focus on the customer and increase the efficiency and quality of work. Managing critical business processes in every single organization, likewise in insurance is a key factor for the success. To succeed in today’s business environment, insurance companies must possess two important things: 1. Business processes that are cost effective and error-free, 2. Agility to quickly adapt to changes in strategy and business processes Business processes should be controlled by an automatic system, including their management and control system in real time based on the Balanced Scorecard concept. In this paper we will analyze the model through which it is possible in a relatively short time to ensure business processes mastering. Although the model in this paper is primarily described for insurance companies, it can be applied to other organizations.
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