publication . Preprint . 2004

Nature-based Tourism and the Valuation of its Environmental Resources: Economic and Other Aspects

Tisdell, Clement A.;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 May 2004
Nature-based tourism has grown in importance in recent decades, and strong links have been established between it and ecotourism. This reflects rising incomes, greater levels of educational attainment and changing values, especially in the Western world. Nature-based tourism is quite varied. Different types of such tourism are identified and their consequences for sustainability of their resource-base are briefly considered. The development and management of nature-based tourism involves many economic aspects, several of which are discussed. For example, one must consider the economics of reserving or protecting land for this type of tourism. What economic facto...
free text keywords: Nature-based Tourism, Environmental Resources, Environmental Conservation, Environmental Economics and Policy,

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