Integer Programming Models for Sales Resource Allocation

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Andris A. Zoltners ; Prabhakant Sinha (1980)
  • Journal: Management Science, volume 26, issue 3 March, pages 242-260
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1287/mnsc.26.3.242
  • Subject: sales force, programming, programming: applications [marketing, marketing]

A practical conceptual framework for sales resource allocation modeling is presented in this paper. A literature review of sales resource allocation models is described in terms of this framework. The conceptual framework also lends itself to several integer programming models which may be used to address the variety of sales resource allocation decisions faced by every sales organization. A general model for sales resource allocation is developed which incorporates multiple sales resources, multiple time periods and carryover effects, non-separability, and risk. Several actual model implementations are discussed which illustrate the practical application of the integer programming models. The model implementations utilize recent advances in integer programming theory which enables sales managers and sales representatives to quickly develop and evaluate alternative sales resource allocation strategies.
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