Technical life cycle of real estates

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Taina Koskelo;
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Real estate business is developing fast. Development needs are challenging because of interdiciplinariness and diverseness of the branch. The main mission of real estate business is to provide premises for its customers. Designers are planning the buildings, contractors... View more
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    4. IAQ (indoor air quality) healthy, safety, satisfaction of the users -related aspects (materials and other indoor air related matters (Sobotka 1998, Horner 1997, Benda 2000)

    5. Flexibility of the building (Benda 2000, Gransberg 1997, Interviews 2001)

    6. Mainenance (Zavadskas 1998, Horner 1997)

    7. Energy efficiency, ( Sobotka 1998)

    8. Ecological level (Sobotka 1998) 3.5 Demolition 3.4 Acquisition 1.2 Project planning: Setting the goals

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