Price Discovery and Risk Management in the U.S. Distiller’s Grain Markets

Preprint OPEN
Etienne, Xiaoli L.; Hoffman, Linwood A.;
  • Subject: distiller’s grain, DDGS, spatial price relationship, corn, soybean meal, biofuel, cointegration analyses, market integration, Agribusiness, Agricultural and Food Policy, Agricultural Finance, Crop Production/Industries, Demand and Price Analysis, Farm Management, Livestock Production/Industries, Marketing, Risk and Uncertainty, Q11, Q14, O13, C5, C00,

In this paper, we evaluate the spatial nature of the price discovery process in regional distiller’s grain markets in the US and the price relationships among distiller’s grains, corn, and soybean meals since the beginning of the biofuel boom. We use multivariate and pa... View more
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