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Policy Reform Impact on Food Manufacturing

Celikkol, Pinar; Dunn, James W.; Stefanou, Spiro E.;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 2003
The impact of agricultural policies and their reform is of major concern when addressing issues of growth, innovation and consolidation in the food manufacturing sector. Growth is one of the forces fueling the globalization of food manufacturing activities. Market- and policy-driven forces present a myriad of opportunities to influence growth and reorientation of patterns at the nexus where food manufacturing links the food system. The productivity and international competitiveness of the food manufacturing sector must be evaluated in the context of governmental incentives, international standards and the emerging supply- and value-chains.
free text keywords: total factor productivity growth, intercountry impacts, dairy products, meat products, sugar, Agribusiness, Agricultural and Food Policy,

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