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Vesna Vašièek ; Ivana Dražiæ Lutilsky ; Hrvoje Perèeviæ (2008)
  • Journal: Revista economica, volume 40, issue 3, pages 89-100
  • Subject: public sector, cost accounting, price determination, Croatian Faculties

Success of many public sector reforms depends on successful public management. Key components of public management are introduction of accrual basis accounting and management on the basis of results which is possible to achieve with improvements of accounting systems, mainly cost accounting and financial reporting in public sector. Results are long term and broad, ensuring development based on knowledge and responsibility. Costs are important element in a decision making process by determination or calculation prices and remunerations for provided services or purchased goods from budgetary users. Information about costs are relevant even then when the price of provided services or purchased goods is lower then with them related occurred costs, or when it is purely political-social question, or when the price of provided services or purchased goods is determined with certain criteria and market fluctuations. It is important for faculties to use costs when they are determining prices for their services. It is necessary because costs of provided services are partially charged to students. Determination of cost for provided services is also necessary for intern settlement of costs and intern reporting, that is useful primary to intern users or faculty management in decision making process for financial and non financial decisions. In Republic Croatia practice for price determinations of provided services is usually political and social question rather then economical one.
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