Experimental Investigation of Embedded Controlled Diesel Engine

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R.Govindaraju; M.Bharathiraja; Dr. K.Ramani; Dr.K.R.Govindan;
  • Journal: Journal of Asian Scientific Research,volume 2,issue 9 September,pages524-538
  • Subject: ECU - Electronic Control Unit, SFC - Specific Fuel Consumption, TFC-Total Fuel Consumption, ME-Mechanical Efficiency, ITE-Indicated Thermal Efficiency, BTE-Brake [Diesel Engine, Sensors, Fuel Injector, Fuel Pulse Width, Electronic Injection. Nomenclature]

Diesel engines are widely used in Automobiles, Agriculture and Power generation sectors in a large scale. The modern techniques have contributed a lot in the saving of fuel in these diesel engines. However, from 1970 onwards the fuel consumption becomes a serious concer... View more
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