Management Systems. Accounting and finance: Public Management

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Martins, J. Albuquerque (2005)
  • Subject: property sector, quality, accounting instruments, public management, strategy management
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Traditionally the differences between the organizations of the public property sector and those of the private one are pointed out. In addition to the classic failures on both of these productive sectors, based on the organizational “500 Maiores e Melhores” operating in Portugal that are divergent in resources, in the present work any substantial differences amongst these sectors’ organizations have been found. Regarding the subject to the models of management, the present study corroborate some of the certification principles, quality, but it validates the activity exploration not by bureaucratic model, by “results” or political-administrative. The present results point out the Management inside in the public sector, economic or administrative, and show in certified organizations a higher profitability than in the non-certified organizations.
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