Advertising Campaign: Building Creative Ideas

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TANASE, George Cosmin (2015)
  • Journal: Romanian Distribution Committee Magazine Volume 6 Issue 1, volume 6, issue 1 03, pages 36-40
  • Subject: Creative Strategy, Effective Advertising, Brand, Positioning, Communication, Purchase Behavior, Rational and Emotional Appeal, Media
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Advertising is the most visible and most important instrument of the marketing communications mix. Large sums of money are spent on advertising, and no other marketing phenomenon is subject to so much public debate and controversy. Huge amounts of research are devoted to the question of what makes advertising effective and to the role of advertising characteristics on its effectiveness. As is the case with other communications instruments, special attention has to be devoted to the different steps in advertising campaign development and to the fit between the strategic marketing plan and the advertising campaign. The most crucial step in this process is translating the creative idea in an advertising execution. To this end, it is important to devote a lot of attention to different formal and content techniques and their effectiveness in advertising. But first of all, an overview is given of the different types of advertising.
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