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The theory of patronized goods in the optics of comparative methodology.

Aleksander Rubinstein;
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  • Published: 31 Dec 2013 Journal: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, volume 1 (issn: 2336-2952, eissn: 2336-2960, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: University College of Business in Prague
The present study focuses on the methodological aspects of the Theory of patronized goods, modifications of two liberal principles of the Austrian school, incorporated into mainstream economic theory - "methodological subjectivism" and “methodological individualism”, as well as the standard axiom of "homogeneity of economic agents". The paper discusses some modifications to these assumptions and their various combinations that form the basis of a number of theories that justify state activity. Analysis of the basic premises of the theory of public goods and merit goods, and the concept of libertarian paternalism allowed the author to suggest that from the point ...
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free text keywords: Patronized goods, public goods, meritoric, libertarian paternalism, methodological subjectivism, methodological relativism, heterogeneity, normative interests, jel:D01
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93 references, page 1 of 7
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