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Dietas hiperproteicas y estado renal en ratas

V. A. Aparicio; E. Nebot; R. García-del Moral; M. Machado-Vílchez; J. M. Porres; C. Sánchez; P. Aranda;
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  • Published: 01 Feb 2013
  • Publisher: Grupo Arán
Introduction: High-protein (HP) diets might affect renal status. We aimed to examine the effects of a HP diet on plasma, urinary and morphological renal parameters in rats. Material and methods: Twenty Wistar rats were randomly distributed in 2 experimental groups with HP or normal-protein (NP) diets over 12 weeks. Results and discussion: Final body weight was a 10% lower in the HP group (p < 0.05) whereas we have not observed differences on food intake, carcass weight and muscle ashes content. No significant clear differences were observed on plasma parameters, whereas urinary citrate was an 88% lower in the HP group (p = 0.001) and urinary pH a 15% more acidic...
free text keywords: High-protein diet, Plasma, Urine, Kidney, Renal morphology, Rats, Dieta hiperproteica, Orina, Riñón, Morfología renal, Ratas, Nutritional diseases. Deficiency diseases, RC620-627
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41 references, page 1 of 3
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publication . Article . 2013

Dietas hiperproteicas y estado renal en ratas

V. A. Aparicio; E. Nebot; R. García-del Moral; M. Machado-Vílchez; J. M. Porres; C. Sánchez; P. Aranda;