Perfil de ácidos grasos de hígados de ratones alimentados con una dieta cetogénica basada en triheptanoína

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Meloi, Ingrid Sofia Vieira de; Ataidei, Terezinha da Rocha; Oliveirai, Suzana Lima de; Bezerra Buenoi, Nassib; Freitasi, Johnnatan Duarte de; Sant'Anai, Antônio Euzébio Goulart;
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  • Subject: Triheptanoína | Ketogenic diet | Medium-chain triacylglycerols | Trienantin | Ácidos grasos | Fatty acid profile | Ratones Wistar

Objective: the aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of consumption of a ketogenic diet supplemented with triheptanoin, a medium-chain anaplerotic triacylglycerol, on the liver fatty acid profile of Wistar rats. Methods: three groups of male Wistar rats (n = 1... View more
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