Cambios en la preferencia por rostros masculinos durante el ciclo menstrual en población española

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Muñoz-Reyes, José A.; Iglesias-Julios, Marta; Martín-Elola, Cristina; Losada-Pérez, María; Monedero, Ignacio; Pita, Miguel; Turiégano, Enrique;
  • Publisher: Universidad de Murcia
  • Subject: attractiveness | valoración del atractivo | Oestrus | reproductive strategies | facial sexual dimorphism | Estro | ciclo menstrual | menstrual cycle | estrategias reproductivas | dimorfismo sexual facial

A recent and controversial hypothesis suggests the presence of an oestrus phase in women as in other mammals. This implies that women at their optimal fertility point of the menstrual cycle exhibit behaviors focused to maximize the genetic quality of their offspring. Se... View more
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