Evaluación de la grasa corporal por impedancia bioeléctrica y su correlación con indicadores antropométricos

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M.ª L. Diniz Araújo; P. Coelho Cabral; I. Kruze Grande de Arruda; A. P. Siqueira Tavares Falcão; A. Silva Diniz;
  • Publisher: Grupo Arán
  • Journal: issn: 0212-1611
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  • Subject: Wais-to-height ratio | Nutritional diseases. Deficiency diseases | Grasa corporal | Skinfold thicknesses | Waist circumference | Impedancia bioeléctrica | Relación cintura-altura | Pliegues cutáneos | Circunferencia de la cintura | Bioelectrical impedance | RC620-627 | Body fat

Introduction: Since the excess of body fat is associated with higher morbid-mortality rates (mainly in adults), precise, reliable, cost-effective, and broadly applicable methods are necessary for its assessment in population-based studies and in clinical practice. Objec... View more
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