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Corte cristalográfico que maximiza la birrefringencia en cristales fotorrefractivos

Rueda-Parada, Jorge Enrique;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jun 2017
  • Publisher: Universidad Santo Tomás
The electro-optical birefringence effect depends on the crystal type, cut crystal, applied electric field and the incidence direction of light on the principal crystal faces. It is presented a study of maximizing the birefringence in photorefractive crystals of cubic crystallographic symmetry, in terms of these three parameters. General analytical expressions for the birefringence were obtained, from which birefringence can be established for any type of cut. A new crystallographic cut was encountered; the birefringence value is greater than PROM, PRIZ and HUIGNARD commercial cuts. La birrefringencia por efecto electro-óptico depende del tipo de cristal, del cor...
free text keywords: Photorefractive crystals, Birefringence, electro-optical effect, Cristales fotorrefractivos, Birrefringencia, Efecto electro-óptico
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22 references, page 1 of 2
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