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Un nuevo modelo matemático para la cinética de flotación de carbones

JUAN GUERRERO; JUAN GUERRERO; Juan Barraza; Juan Barraza;
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  • Published: 24 Nov 2017
  • Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Abstract This study describes the development and formulation of a novel mathematical model for coal flotation kinetic. The flotation rate was considered as a function of chemical, operating and petrographic parameters for a global flotation order n. The equation for flotation rate was obtained by dimensional analysis using the Rayleigh method. It shows the dependency of flotation kinetic on operating parameters, such as air velocity and particle size; chemical parameters, such as reagents dosage and solids content; and mineral and maceral composition of coal. The flotation rate equation integrates the kinetic coefficient and the intrinsic characteristics of coa...
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free text keywords: coal flotation, flotation rate, kinetic model., flotación de carbón, tasa de flotación, modelo cinético., General Engineering, Ingeniería y Tecnología, Ingeniería Química, Ingeniería Química (Plantas y Productos), kinetic model, Kinetic energy, Coal, business.industry, business, Maceral, Materials science, Particle size, Thermodynamics, Rate equation, Rayleigh scattering, symbols.namesake, symbols, Transport phenomena, Dimensionless quantity, lcsh:Technology, lcsh:T, lcsh:Mining engineering. Metallurgy, lcsh:TN1-997
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