Diseño asistido por computadora de la inmovilización covalente de bromelina y papaína

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Cutiño-Avila, Bessy; Gil Pradas, Dayrom; Aragón Abreu, Carlos; Fernández Marrero, Yuniel; Hernández de la Torre, Martha; Salas Sarduy, Emir; Chávez Planes, María de los Ángeles; Guisán Seijas, José Manuel; Díaz Brito, Joaquín; del Monte-Martínez, Alberto;
  • Publisher: Instituto de Biotecnología, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Subject: rational design | diseño racional | derivados inmovilizados | papaína | covalent immobilization | immobilized derivatives | bromelina | inmovilización covalente | papain | bromelain

Enzymes as immobilized derivatives have been widely used in Food, Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industries. Protein immobilization is probably the most used technology to improve the operational stability of these molecules. Bromelain (Ananas comosus... View more
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