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Urquijo Morales, Jeaneth Patricia; Casanova Yepes, Herley; Morales Aramburo, Álvaro Luis; Zysler, Roberto Daniel;
  • Publisher: Escuela de ingenieria de Antioquia
  • Subject: caseinato de sodio | nanopartículas magnéticas | medidas magnéticas | sodium caseinate | spectroscopia Mössbauer | FTIR | Magnetic Measurements | Magnetic Nanoparticles | espectroscopia Mössbauer | Mössbauer Spectroscopy | TGA

The one-step coprecipitation method is used to obtain magnetic nanoparticles controlling the pH (10 and 12), and casein surfactant (CS) concentrations (1 % and 3 % (m/m)). CS has not been used so far for stabilizing magnetic iron oxide ferrofluids. The magnetic nanopart... View more
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