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Osorio, José Henry; Pourfarzam, Morteza;
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  • Published: 01 Dec 2010
  • Publisher: Universidad de Caldas
Background: some general factors can influence when determining acylcarnitines through tandem mass spectrometry. Objective: to study the effect of adding the internal standard to blood samples before the preparation of filter paper cards compared with the addition of internal standard after having the filter paper cards prepared for determining acylcarnitines in blood for tandem mass spectrometry. Methodology: two groups of blood samples were prepared: group one without adding internal standard before the preparation of filter paper cards, and group two adding internal standard prior to the preparation of filter paper cards. Subsequently the acylcarnitines profi...
free text keywords: carnitine, acylcarnitines, tandem mass spectrometry, carnitina, acilcarnitinas, espectrometría de masas en tándem

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