Obesidad y caries dental en preescolares de Brasil

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Granville-Garcia, Ana F; de Menezes, Valdenice A.; de Lira, Pedro I; Ferreira, Jainara M; Leite-Cavalcanti, Alessandro;
  • Publisher: Instituto de Salud Publica, Facultad de Medicina - Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Subject: Epidemiología | preschool child | caries dental | cárie dentária | preescolares | Epidemiologia | obesidade | dental caries | decayed | missing and filled teeth score | Epidemiology | obesidad | pré-escolares | obesity

Aim This study was aimed at verifying the relationship between childhood obesity and dental caries. Method A total of 2 651 preschool children were examined for this cross-sectional study in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil; 1 338 of them attended public schools and 1 313 pri... View more
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