Caracterización reológica de ligantes asfalticos empleados en capas asfálticas de alivio de deformaciones

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Vasconcelos, Kamilla L.; Bariani Bernucci, Liedi Legi; Midori Takahashi, Marcia; Castelo-Branco, Verônica T. F.;
  • Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Subject: capa asfáltica intermedia | rheology | MSCR | reología | asfalto modificado con polímeros | polymer-modified asphalt | asphalt mixture interlayer

Abstract The use of ´interlayers´ that tolerate high tensile and shear strain that exists above cracks in deteriorated pavements is becoming an interesting solution to prevent reflective cracking. Recent advances in polymer technology have led to binders that can be use... View more
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