Algoritmo para la detección de glóbulos rojos superpuestos en imágenes microscópicas de extendidos de sangre periférica

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Romero-Rondón, Miguel Fabián; Sanabria-Rosas, Laura Melissa; Bautista-Rozo, Lola Xiomara; Mendoza-Castellanos, Alfonso;
  • Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Subject: red blood cells | digital image processing | watershed | hematology | overlap | glóbulos rojos | Procesamiento digital de imágenes | hematología | superposición | hough; k-means

The hemogram is one of the most requested medical tests as it presents details about the three cell series in the blood: red series, white series and platelet series. To make some diagnostics, the specialist must undertake the test manually, observing the blood cells un... View more
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