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  • Published: 01 Jan 1998
  • Publisher: Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo (ICP) - ECOPETROL S.A.
Three methods for the removal of sulfurfrom dibenzothiophene were evaluated using biocatalytic processes. The methods were a microbial, an enzymatic and a combined one that involves a previous enzymatic oxidation followed by microbial degradation. The byconversion was evaluated over the molecular dibenzothiophene model, obtaining higher byconversion percentages through the combined method. The microorganisms used in this study correspond to several Colombian indigenous strains isolated by direct methods from natural sources, and using a standard strain as positive control. All strains have shown sulfur removal capacity, and organic solvent tolerance. The enzyme ...
free text keywords: dibenzothiophene, sulfur-removal, hemoproteins, peroxidase, cytochrome C, biodesulfurization, dibenzotiofeno, extracción-azufre, hemoproteínas, peroxidasa, citocromo C, biodesulfurización
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