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Mora, Andrés; Parra, Mauricio;
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  • Published: 01 Dec 2008
  • Publisher: Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo (ICP) - ECOPETROL S.A.
For the first time we show geological evidence of unambiguosly documented footwall shortcuts adjacent to the trace of inverted master nomal faults, in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia. The Eastern Cordillera is an orogen whose width and location are traced by a Mesozoic graben. However, few structures related with the graben have been documented up to the date. In this study we propose the Ariari-Guatiquía region as a type location for a unique observation of footwall shortcuts. The master normal faults in the Ariari-Guatiquia region, and documented in this manuscript, were active during the Lower Cretaceous, partially inverted during the Andean orogenesis (si...
free text keywords: footwall shortcuts, Ariari-Guatiquia-Region, eastern cordillera of Colombia, inversion tectonics, Servitá fault, vitrinite reflectance, lower cretaceous, fallas de atajo frontal, región Ariari Guatiquia, Cordillera Oriental de Colombia, inversión tectónica, falla de Servitá, reflectancia de vitrinita, cretáceo temprano
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