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Regulación de las emociones y la depresión residual predicen el funcionamiento psicosocial en el trastorno bipolar: estudio preliminar

Becerra, Rodrigo; Cruise, Kate; Harms, Craig; Allan, Alfred; Bassett, Darryl; Hood, Sean; Murray, Greg;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Sep 2015
  • Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
This study explores the predictive value of various clinical, neuropsychological, functional, and emotion regulation processes for recovery in Bipolar Disorder. Clinical and demographic information was collected for 27 euthymic or residually depressed BD participants. Seventy one percent of the sample reported some degree of impairment in psychosocial functioning. Both residual depression and problems with emotion regulation were identified as significant predictors of poor psychosocial functioning. In addition, to residual depression, the results of the current study introduce a variable of emotion dysregulation to account for poor psychosocial functioning amon...
free text keywords: Bipolar Disorders, psychosocial functioning, depression, emotion regulation, Trastornos bipolares, funcionamiento psicosocial, depresión, regulación emocional
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