Modificación estructural de ácido trans-cinámico empleando Colletotrichum acutatum

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Velasco B., Rodrigo; Gil G., Jesús H.; García P., Carlos M.; Durango R., Diego L.;
  • Publisher: Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Antioquia
  • Subject: ruta metabòlica | metabolic pathway | Biocatalyst | medios de cultivo | Biocatalizador | hongo fitopatógeno | culture media | phytopathogenic fungus

The biotransformation of trans-cinnamic acid by whole cells of the Colombian native phytopathogenic fungus Colletotrichum acutatum was studied. Initially, fungitoxicity of this compound against C. acutatum was evaluated; trans-cinnamic acid exhibited a moderate to weak ... View more
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