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Relacionando las distribuciones binomial negativa\\ y logarítmica vía sus series asociadas

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  • Published: 15 Dec 2008
  • Publisher: Departamento de Estadística - Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
The negative binomial distribution is associated to the series obtained by taking derivatives of the logarithmic series. Conversely, the logarithmic series distribution is associated to the series found by integrating the series associated to the negative binomial distribution. The parameter of the number of failures of the negative binomial distribution is the number of derivatives needed to obtain the negative binomial series from the logarithmic series. The reasoning in this article could be used as an alternative method to prove that the probability mass function of the negative binomial distribution sums to one. Finally, an interpretation of the logarithmic...
free text keywords: Convergent series, Logarithmic series distribution, Negative binomial distribution, Power series distributions, distribución binomial negativa, distribución de series de potencias, distribución logarítmica, series convergentes

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