Cúrcuma (Curcuma longa L.): nueva aplicación como fuente de fibra y antioxidantes en pasta con trigo de grano entero

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Wahanik, Adriana Lucia; Neri-Numa, Iramaia Angélica; Pastore, Glaucia Maria; Kil Chang, Yoon; Pedrosa Silva Clerici, Maria Teresa;
  • Publisher: Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias - Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Subject: Healthiness | Saludable | Spaghetti | Clean-label | Antioxidant capacity | Spaguetti | Rótulo limpio | Capacidad antioxidante

ABSTRACT The demand of healthy foods for preventing non-communicable diseases has increased, and developments include ingredients with health effects, such as whole grain wheat and turmeric. Both are added in the present study as source of fiber and antioxidants in past... View more
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