Solanum tuberosum y Solanum commersonii, sobre-expresando el gen ScCBFI, mejoraron su tolerancia a sequía en condiciones de cultivo in vitro

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Pino, María Teresa; Ávila, Andrea; Molina, Andrea; Jeknic, Zoran; Chen, Tony H.H;
  • Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Facultad de Agronomía e Ingeniería Forestal
  • Subject: Solanum commersonii | drought stress | CBF gene | potato | in vitro | Solanum tuberosum | papas | sequía | Gen CBF
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | fungi

Cultivated potato crops are sensitive to drought stress, reducing yield and tuber quality when the soil water potential drops to -0.3 MPa. However, drought not only affects plant growth and physiological activity, but this stress also induces biochemical and molecular c... View more
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