Morfología del Tejido Intersticial del Testículo Activo y en Reposo de la Gallina de Guinea

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Dharani, Palanisamy; Kumary, S. Usha; Sundaram, Venkatesan; Joseph, Cecilia; Ramesh, Geetha;
  • Publisher: Sociedad Chilena de Anatomía
  • Subject: En reposo | Tejido intersticial | Testículo | Morphology | Interstitial tissue | Resting | Gallina de Guinea | Active | Guinea fowl | Testis | Morfología | Activo

SUMMARY: The morphology of the interstitial tissue of sexually active and resting testis of the guinea fowl were studied. Six adult health birds of active and resting phases of reproductive cycle were used for this study. The interstitial tissue consisted of loose conne... View more
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