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Studies on Tongue of Reptilian Species Psammophis sibilans, Tarentola annularis and Crocodylus niloticus

Amora M Abou-El-Naga; Soad A Khalifa; Hassan I. El-Sayyad; Yosra A Foda; Dalia Sabry;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Dec 2011 Journal: International Journal of Morphology, volume 29, pages 1,139-1,147 (eissn: 0717-9502, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: SciELO Comision Nacional de Investigacion Cientifica Y Tecnologica (CONICYT)
Three different reptilian species Psammophis sibilans (Order Ophidia), Tarentola annularis (Order Squamata and Crocodylus niloticus (Order Crocodylia) are used in the present study. Their tongue is removed and examined morphologically. Their lingual mucosa examined under scanning electron microscopy (SEM) as well as processed for histological investigation. Gross morphological studies revealed variations of tongue gross structure being elongated with bifurcated end in P. sibilans or triangular flattened structure with broad base and conical free border in T. annularis or rough triangular fill almost the floor cavity in C. niloticus. At SEM, the lingual mucosa sh...
free text keywords: Anatomy, Reptilian species, Lingual mucosa, SEM, Light microscopy, Especies de reptiles, Mucosa lingual, Microscopía de luz, Ophidia, biology.organism_classification, biology, Tongue, medicine.anatomical_structure, medicine, Crocodylus, Psammophis sibilans, Tarentola annularis
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