Reflexiones acerca de los Sistemas Adhesivos

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de Freitas Borges, Marciano; Diesel, Pâmela Gutheil; Corrêa, Fernanda Gomez; Bernardi, Eledana; Fernandes Montagner, Anelise; Skupien, Jovito Adiel; Susin, Alexandre Henrique;
  • Publisher: Universidad de La Frontera. Facultad de Medicina
  • Subject: self-etching adhesives | sistemas adhesivos | adhesivos autograbantes | adhesivos de grabado total | total-etching adhesives | adhesives systems

The adhesive systems are responsible for an efficient union between teeth and resin, resulting in a longevity restoration. They are organic molecules di or multifunctional that contain reactive groups that interact with dentin and with the resin monomer of composite res... View more
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