Análisis molecular basado en secuencias del gen ARNr 16s en bacterias formadoras de tapete y bacterias acompañantes en sedimentos marinos enriquecidos orgánicamente por una instalación de cultivo de salmones en el sur de Chile (isla Calbuco)

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Aranda, Carlos; Paredes, Javier; Valenzuela, Cristian; Lam, Phyllis; Guillou, Laure;
  • Publisher: Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográficas, Universidad de Concepción
  • Subject: salmonicultura | genes 16S rARN | sulphur cycle | Ciclo de azufre | salmon farming sediments | Beggiatoa mat | sedimentos | tapete de Beggiatoa | 16S rRNA genes

The mat forming bacteria covering organic matter-enriched and anoxic marine sediments underlying a salmon farm in Southern Chile, were examined using 16S rRNA gene phylogenies. This mat was absent in the sea bed outside the direct influence of the farm (360 m outside fi... View more
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