Recuperación Ósea en Defectos Maxilares Transversales con Distintos Procedimientos Quirúrgicos Utilizando Hueso Bovino Inorgánico en Humanos

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Beltrán, Victor; Matthijs, Andries; Borie, Eduardo; Fuentes, Ramón; Valdivia-Gandur, Iván; Engelke, Wilfried;
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  • Subject: Biomateriales | Maxilar | Bone defect | Implante dental | Maxilla | Dental implant | Regeneración ósea | Bone regeneration | Biomaterials | Defectos óseos

The centripetal resorption of maxilla is a continuous process after tooth loss. For treatment of deficient bone sites, autologous bone grafts may be used, as an alternative, biomaterials can be applied which do not require intra- or extraoral donor sites. The present re... View more
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