Bishop Daniil's "Epistle to Vladimir monomach". About spiritual teachings

Article Catalan; Valencian OPEN
Romoli, Francesca (2013)
  • Publisher: Universitat de Barcelona
  • Journal: Anuari de filologia. Estudis de lingüística
  • Subject: Early Russian Literature; Spiritual Teachings; Poslanie k Vladimiru Monomachu; Bishop Daniil († 1121); Biblical Quotations; Rhetoric and Pragmatics | letteratura medievale slava orientale; insegnamenti spirituali; Poslanie k Vladimiru Monomachu; vescovo Daniil († 1121); citazioni bibliche; retorica e pragmatica linguistica

The article focuses on the Epistle to Vladimir Monomach (Poslanie k Vladimiru Monomachu) written by bishop Daniil († 1121). The author offers an analysis based on the literary and pragmatic function of biblical quotations within the text. Through it, she establishes that the Epistle belongs to the literary form of spiritual teachings. She then considers the liturgical and historical circumstances surrounding the genesis of the text by comparing it with the Epistle to Vladimir Monomach on fasting (Poslanie Vladimiru Monomachu o poste) written by mitropolit Nikifor I († 1121). The results of the comparison allow her to formulate the hypothesis that Daniil and Nikifor wrote their Epistles shortly before Easter in 1114.
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