Tourism, technology and narratives: Reflections for the design of tourist spaces

Article Catalan; Valencian OPEN
de Villasante García, Rafael ; Casellas Oriol, Sílvia (2017)
  • Publisher: Temes de disseny
  • Journal: Temes de disseny
  • Subject: culture; leisure; storytelling; technology; tourist spaces

We characterize tourism essentially as a phenomenon of communication between architecture, a territory, a space and its visitors. The design of tourist spaces has evolved over time, according to the technologies used to build them. The emergence of new technologies enables new interactions with our environment and a constant connection with sources of information, in addition to geo-location and augmented reality. These are technologies that are re-configuring the tourist space and, therefore, opening up possibilities. This gives us new capacities for experience and meening for knowledge, interpretation, discovery and the relationship with the environment. These tools allow the design of hitherto unknown spaces (the combination of location and communication) of cultural experiences (and leisure) which are articulated around new narratives, placing value on emerging assets and opening up a field that must be explored and constricted.
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