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Alteraciones cognitivas en las demencias

Luis D. Medina; Yaneth Rodríguez Agudelo;
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  • Published: 21 Oct 2012 Journal: Journal of Behavior, Health & Social Issues, volume 4, page 37 (issn: 2007-0780, eissn: 2007-0780, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Dementia is a clinical syndrome characterized by a loss of cognitive and emotional abilities of sufficient severity to infer with social or occupational functioning, or both. Although the causes of dementia and characteristics are not always fully understood, it is understood that it is not a natural part of aging. Definitive diagnosis of dementia is made only through the autopsy and although the diagnosis of probable or possible dementia is complex is achieved by the intervention of several specialists in the area, such as neurologists, geriatricians, neuropsychologists etc. Currently it is clear the role of the neuropsychologist and the utility of the assessme...
free text keywords: Dementia, cognitive impairment, neuropsychology, Demencia, deterioro cognitivo, neuropsicología
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