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Revaluación de la posición del bloque de Chortis con respecto al sur de México durante el Paleógeno: ordenamiento jerárquico de datos y rasgos

Morán-Zenteno, Dante J.; Keppie, Duncan J.; Martiny, Barbara; González-Torres, Enrique;
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  • Published: 01 Apr 2009
  • Publisher: Instituto de Geología, UNAM
The Paleogene location of the Chortis block relative to southern Mexico is presently a hotly debated topic, with various types and qualities of data brought to bear on the topic. There are currently three competing Cenozoic reconstructions: (i) the traditional model that places the Chortis block adjacent to southern Mexico, (ii) the near in situ model in which the Chortis block is located relatively near to its present position, and (iii) the Pacific model that places the Chortis block WSW of its present location. To provide some order to this debate, we rank data into three levels on the basis of reliability and relevance: 1st order plate tectonic features that...
free text keywords: tectonics, paleogeography, Chortis block, Caribbean plate, southern Mexico, paleogeografía, tectonica, bloque de Chortis, placa del Caribe, sur de México
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58 references, page 1 of 4
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