Actividad antioxidante y antimicrobiana de extractos de capulín (Prunus serotina subsp capuli)

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Jimenez, M.; Castillo, I.; Azuara, E.; Beristain, C.I.;
  • Publisher: UAM, Unidad Iztapalapa, División de Ciencias Básicas e Ingeniería
  • Subject: polyphenols | antocianinas | anthocyanins | antimicrobianos | potencial REDOX | redox potential | polifenoles | antibacterial | DPPH

Capulin (Prunus serotina subsp. capuli) is an annual fruit widely used in Mexico for the elaboration of several traditional products, such as medicinal tea, which is considered to present antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. The aim of this work was to evaluate the... View more
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