Subducción de la placa Rivera bajo el bloque Jalisco visualizada a partir de datos magnetotelúricos

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Corbo-Camargo, Fernando; Arzate-Flores, Jorge Arturo; Álvarez-Béjar, Román; Aranda-Gómez, José Jorge; Yutsis, Vsevolod;
  • Publisher: Instituto de Geología, UNAM
  • Subject: Mexico | México | subducting slab | perfiles magnetolelúricos | placa en subducción | ascenso del manto | Jalisco block | bloque Jalisco | magnetotelluric images | mantle upwelling

Two magnetotelluric (MT) profiles perpendicular to the trench provide information on the subduction of the Rivera plate under the Jalisco block (JB). The geometry of the subducting slab is inferred by the anomalous conductor on the top of the profile in the central part... View more
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